Yearning ~ Response to a love poem

The love; no your love will find you serendipitously
Sweeping you off your feet
Making you skip a beat every time
Wetting your eyes only with tears of joy!

Your love languages will vibe so well;
When you are together, your silence even speaks volume
When he touches you, you will free electricity in your bones
When he speaks to you, it will affirm his love for you

The beach and the waves will be your home,
Of togetherness, of cuddles and of joy.
When full moonlight touches your face at midnight
He will take pictures of you; the fine art kind!

I am envious of your love for him
As a hopeless romantic, I am rooting for you;
I am also wishing I was in his place
To know and feel your love in my bones

I want you to yearn for me as you yearn for him
I want us to give people couple goals
Most of all, I wanna love you;
Like no one has ever loved you…

Photo by lalo Hernandez on Unsplash