No, you can’t skip to the good parts

It’s 2021 and there is this insane urge for instant gratification as always. Sadly, real life isn’t like that; all good things in life need time and hard work. Unless you are super freaking rich; then all bets are off. But for commoners like us, you can’t skip to the good parts. 

Life as we know it has a series of moments where we feel like we are in hell. Be it a major breakup or losing a job or losing someone in your life; you cannot skip through the pain and come out on the other side where it’s shining and has rainbows. So what do we do in that situation? You persevere and push yourself through it; talk to your friends; talk to a therapist; work on yourself; heal and make yourself ready and worthy of everything that is to come. 

It is a matter of time and the good parts will come to you, then maybe make that reel you know, for validation!

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Photo by Paloma A. on Unsplash