Grieving your breakup

You must grieve your breakups, space it out before you try to jump back in for the heck of it. Depending upon how important and valuable the relationship was; the period of mourning varies.

Everyone has to go through some or all of these stages of grief: denial, guilt, bargain, depression, coming back up, working through, acceptance.

Find what works for you; have some good crying sessions, listen to sad music, talk to your close friends, talk to your therapist, do some journaling – whatever helps you to grieve your loss. It is a loss, mind it! It will start to hurt a little less tomorrow and the day after and the day after. Some day you will work through it and forget about the pain.

Give yourself time. Grieve your loss. Also, pursue new potential interests when you have done self-work and healed. Otherwise, it’s not fair to the new person.

Now, back at it you crazy lover! I am rooting for you…


Featured Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash