Love at First Sight!

Do these things happen still? In these days of instant gratification, does it really happen or matter? Between instantly replying on Whatsapp’s and swiping left, right, center (yeah, those super likes you know) and we feel that is best is always out there and FOMO is a thing (Fear Of Missing Out — for those who don’t know about it).

But this particular girl is different, she is a reader, she has some random novel on her lap but her mobile phone is buzzing all the time indicating its an interesting Whatsapp conversation at the end of that screen. She seems well prepared and well traveled as she pulled out a sweater already.

This seems surreal and the railway station speakers just chirped up to tell me that they are going to announce the arrival of the train now. Will this Vinnaithandi Varuvaya romance end soon? Should I be wishing the train to be delayed further?

I should have shaved, damn. I should have. Anyways. She looks good on that tshirt, but I am sure she will be mind-blowing in a silk saree too, she can easily pull it off. I can see it. I wonder what she is reading?

Well, she has a dell laptop bag and the book has something like an 8 on it (oddly shaped though). And now she is gone. Maybe the story ends here, maybe not.

But, I have already imagined seeing her beautiful smile; over and over again during our million coffee conversations (I am sure she likes coffee, or its kinda deal-breaker; but wait, I like brewed tea too)…

Until we see each other next time, remember Karmali railway station, 10th September 2016, Platform no. 1, coach position 1

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