I fear…

Recently fear has gotten to me…

  1. I fear that I will make mistakes when I do things.
  2. I fear that it won’t be good enough.
  3. I fear the learning curve will be huge to try something new.
  4. I fear that my app ideas suck big time.
  5. I fear that I won’t be building anything of value.
  6. I fear that opening up to someone will make me vulnerable.
  7. I fear that i won’t learn from my mistakes and keep repeating the same.
  8. I fear that I worry about past, present and future and let that moment pass.
  9. I fear that I won’t finish anything I have started.
  10. I fear that I won’t start anything I ever wanted to start.
  11. I fear that I won’t be writing anything tomorrow.

“Do one thing every day that scares you.” ― Eleanor Roosevelt

On a closing note, I just read Confessions of a PM: 7 Ways to Disarm the Impostor Syndrome by Bo (@bosefina). I recommend that you read that too…

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